Electronic Concepts & Engineering, Inc. (ECE)


ECE designs and manufactures high-reliability electronics and software solutions. We specialize in Military and Aerospace Electronics, Automotive Electronics Design, and Industrial Electronics Systems.

Electronic Concepts and Engineering, Inc. has been successfully developing and producing cost-effective embedded electronic solutions for use in a variety of rugged environments since 1991.

Our in-house expertise allows you to realize the benefits of cost-effective, reliable electronic products and systems that your customers expect. Our Engineering staff consists of multi-disciplined, industry-experienced, licensed Professional and advanced degreed personnel. These experienced resources let you augment your in-house capabilities with precise skills in circuit design, system analysis, software development, printed circuit design, product qualification testing, manufacturing, system integration and more!

Electronic Concepts and Engineering, Inc. is a proven full-service electronic OEM product development and manufacturing supplier that has successfully developed solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as many smaller companies.

Our capabilities include:

Let our team of experienced engineers help make your project a success. Contact ECE at (419) 861-9000 x114 or ece_sales@eceinc.com.

ECE is a Veteran Owned, ISO 9001 with AS9100 registered, Small Business.

ECE has developed products for companies across the US and around the world. However, many of our customers are located within a short drive from our Toledo, Ohio office in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana.


Electronic Design Engineers

ECE's Electronic Design Engineers can:

  • Perform a Complete Electronic System Design
  • Perform Control System Modeling
  • Develop or Update Your Embedded Software
  • Update Your Electronic Hardware Design
  • Assist with Product Qualification Testing
  • Assist in Developing System Specifications

ECE's Technologies Include:

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi
  • CAN J1939
  • LCD Touchscreens
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth
  • Actuators and Motors
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS
  • Cellular

ECE University of Toledo Imagination Station