Control System Design and Development Capabilities

Control SystemECE employs a model-based design process as a means to develop real-time control systems for automotive, aerospace, military, industrial, and commercial applications that include:

  • Requirement capturing to create a specification for the controller functionality.
  • Function modeling to translate the controller specification into a reference model that allows all the functional requirements to be captured at a high level of abstraction while hiding the specifics of the implementation.
  • Perform control system design and development using the latest techniques.
  • Simulation/verification utilizing model in the loop (MIL) simulation to verify proper operation of the reference model against a plant model.  ECE has developed plant models from first order physical principles as well as empirical models using system identification techniques.
  • Rapid prototyping to verify the reference model operation against actual system hardware.
  • Automatic code generation to translate the reference model into C source code for both floating point and fixed point target environments.
  • Integration/verification of automatically generated code into embedded systems.

Contact ECE at (419) 861-9000 x114 or to discuss how ECE may be able to assist with your control system design project.

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