ECE is ranked as one of the "500 Most Exciting Small Businesses!"

Business Venture Magazine has selected ECE as one of the top 500 Most Exciting Small Businesses. From an initial candidate list of over 15,000 businesses ECE has "made the cut." The "Business Venture 500" not only ranks businesses based upon a comprehensive formula that evaluates sales and growth potential, but also the ability to generate positive customer excitement in highly competitive markets.

Call or Electronic Concepts & Engineering, Inc. today to find out what Business Venture Magazine and our existing customers already know!

Our experienced design team can:

  • Perform a Complete Electronic System Design
  • Perform Control System Modeling
  • Develop or Update Your Embedded Software
  • Update Your Electronic Hardware Design
  • Assist with Product Qualification Testing
  • Assist in Developing System Specifications

Technologies Include:

  • USB
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi
  • CAN J1939
  • Ethernet
  • LCD Touchscreens
  • Bluetooth
  • Actuators and Motors
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS
  • Cellular